5 Tips to Use Giveaways in an Effective Way

Visit any marketplace or client show and you`ll see how easy is to grab giveaway products and advertising specialties designed specifically for promotion. But try to take a look closely. How many of them really do a job that is efficient? How well do they deliver the message? Is that message really visible? All these are important questions which need an answer before entering into the game.

When considering the advertising features for a giveaway show, think of the below questions:

1. What Are You Interested in Achieving?

Your giveaway products should be created in such a way that communication, motivation and memorability should be increased. It`s not just important for your message to have some sort of an impact, but the premium itself as well.

2. How Do You Choose Your Premium Product?

There are many distinct products you may take into consideration as premium. But which is really the one that will be best suited for your purpose?

If you want to choose the proper product, you have to make an important decision – your objective. Are you interested in educating your audience or do you simply want to convey a particular message? Or do you probably want to enhance a specific theme?

If your purpose is clear, the process of selection will be much easier. Additionally, you can also use the services of a promotional specialist to help you with your product selection. Keep in mind that the image of your company or brand is reflected in what item you choose.

3. For Who Is your Premium Intended?

It will be easier to decide who will receive your premium product if you have a clear objective. You might take into consideration having distinct gifts for different categories of visitors. You may also have distinct quality giveaways for your main clients.

4. In Which Way Are your Giveaway and Marketing Theme Connected?

Do you have a product that typically complements the entire message of your brand? Imprint your message on your product and added the name of your company along with logo and phone number. An essential aspect to take into consideration regarding a gift is to keep in mind from who you have it long after you got it.

5. Know Your Budget

Generally, premium products have an enormous price range. Any special order of these items will have an impact in its price. The same thing will happen when taking quantity or quality into consideration. You really need to establish your budget.

Take into consideration to order the same product for a few distinct shows. If the quantity of the order will be higher, the unit price will be lower.

Final Note: There are a lot of interesting premiums from which you can choose. You don`t really need to decide on the common items such as keychains or pencils. You just need to be certain the premium you choose will work for you and that the money you invest in it are worth it.

The Proper Way of Using Electronic Coupons

Printable coupons were seen until a certain point one of the best option when it came to saving money. Now e-coupons have appeared, commonly known as electronic coupons, and they are the new great thing in today`s market. There are several such popular websites like Cellfire or Proctor & Gamble.

At the very same time, plenty of shops let clients to combine online coupons with printable coupons and increase their chances in cutting even more their expenses. You need to check the coupon policy of your local store because they are rather often subject to change.

1. Make your own private account with any of the websites. In addition to the normal contact information, you will need to also add the loyalty card number. By doing so, your coupons will be associated with the loyalty card. When your profile is finished, you can begin visiting the website in search for your electronic coupons.

2. Loading online coupons to your loyalty card is not hard; in fact, you just need to pay a little attention so you can avoid loading every coupon that you find available, as certain websites have a certain coupon limit which may be loaded. Additionally, certain websites do not provide a specific feature to remove online coupons after they are loaded.

3. Begin shopping exactly as you would proceed at one of your local stores. Remember you have to add items in the basket for which you may already own coupons. They will get deducted from your total bill after they are scanned.

Electronic Coupons

4. After checking out, you need to verify your receipt again to be absolutely sure the proper coupons were credited to your bill. If any issue may appear, contact your coupons` company on phone or by email, but don`t talk to the store as this is not their concern. You could use your internet form in order to accomplish this. Such issues are normally resolved within 2 or 3 business days by just adding the coupon amount to the loyalty card.

5. A lot of websites provide a way to print your coupons, which can be rather helpful if you may plan a shopping trip and could be also helpful in your local store.

6. The essential benefit of using online coupons is that you can never forget them at home. They`ll be deducted from your bill when the card is swiped. You`ll be able to find your coupon taken off in a few areas of the receipt.

Review: Brother Max 4-in-1 Trainer Cup!

When your baby reaches the ‘magic’ age of six months, health professionals recommend the introduction of a freeflowing sippy cup with a view to getting your baby using a cup full time (except if you’re breastfeeding) from the age of one year.  Many parents find that introducing a cup is harder than they thought it would be – babies naturally prefer the comfort that sucking on a nipple or teat brings and may struggle with the spout of a sippy cup, or be reluctant to drink anything other than milk!  If your baby is fussy about drinking from a cup, it can be worth trying a few different designs to see if they prefer a particular type of cup.  Some cups are specially designed to help baby transition from bottle to sippy cup while others, like the Brother Max 4-in-1 Cup, are suitable from birth and designed to grow with your child from infancy right through to toddlerhood – saving you money as well as making space in your kitchen cupboards!  As Bubs is already happy to drink from a beaker, I asked a friend to review this product, using 8-month-old K as her tester.  Here’s how she got on:

I have had previous knowledge of Brother Max after using their 6 small food portioners to store and freeze baby pureés and knew they were famous for their innovative products that helped busy parents save time.  The 4 in 1 cup is aimed at helping growing babies learn how to drink from a cup in four easy steps, as they say ‘because 4 little steps are easier than 1 big one, our cup is designed to make the transition from bottle to cup go more smoothly.

A lot of research and testing has obviously been done on the cup as it is very well thought out. It has a big, chunky silicone teat that doesn’t spill, it leans forward slightly at an angle to help baby move it to their mouth easily and it has been made deliberately smaller than most cups to help babies get used to independent drinking, which along with its forward-angled handles makes it perfect for young babies.

The cup is aimed at babies of four months and over, but my little man was nearing eight months before he got his hands on it and after a couple of days he was more interested in testing its strength than actually drinking from it. I was panicking slightly as every time I encouraged him to put it to his mouth to drink from he started to chew on the teat, but with time he did start to drink from it and now he uses it every day unaided. It took him about a week to start to suck from the teat and I did find I had to tilt the cup up slightly to help him get the water out, but I soon realized that if I fill it up he doesn’t have to tip his head back as far. This would be my only criticism of the cup, if there is only a little liquid in the bottom of it he has to tip his head back very far to get the water up to the top, however I think this will change as I guide him on to step 2 – taking the handles off.

Converting the cup through the various stages is simple – you can remove the handles and leave the teat on for older babies, then remove the teat and reattach the handles as your baby reaches toddler stage.  Finally you can leave both teat and handles off and the cup becomes a beaker for older toddlers.  With the teat removed the cup has a special ’sipper ring’ which slows the flow of liquid and makes it easier (and less messy!) for baby to learn to drink from the rim of a cup.

I am very happy with the cup and would be happy to pay the £5.99 it retails at. It has proved to be seriously strong as it’s been thrown from the highchair to the tiled floor hundreds of times, the teat doesn’t drip unlike other cups I’ve had that free flow once turned upside down, it’s dishwasher safe which for all busy mums is a blessing, it has given me back some cupboard space as it’s the only cup we use – and it looks pretty cool too!  All in all a great buy that grows with your child and one that I would definitely recommend.

ShopSmart Reveals the Best Giveaway Sites

There is nothing better than a bargain other than a freebie. The ShopSmart magazine from July 2014 will highlight a few sites that are simply great when it comes to grabbing beauty products, digital downloads or pet stuff.

“There are plenty of methods to grab free stuff,” said Lisa L. Freeman, ShopSmart`s editor. “But you need to be careful for some gotchas. For instance, be careful when it comes to offering your personal info. And quite often your ordered stuff might take a couple of weeks to be received – sometimes it is not received at all.”

Giveaway Online Resources

ShopSmart has discovered dozens of methods to grab free stuff. They offered us a small sample of a few websites which track such free giveaways and deals and tried out the process of ordering so users could feel safe that they will be able to get their free stuff.

  • PinchMe.com – A website that is great for fast ordering. The survey is a bit long but it is worth it in the end. The membership on the website offers deals that are targeted to the user`s interests. Do not forget to verify your email address as often as you can to get these free samples.
  • FreeFlys.com – This is a site that is wonderful to use if you are starting to search for personal-care products. ShopSmart outlines that most of its received freebies came from this particular website. Subscribe to receive text alerts so you can be among the very first to get new deals like Michael Kors bracelets or Target gift cards.
  • HeyItsFree.net – This website simply does an amazing job of outlining expired deals making all freebies that are available up-to-date. You simply need to click on “Birthday Freebies” to get an extensive list with all the spots which can hook users.

Giveaway Do`s & Don`ts

Receiving giveaways is great, but consumers are advised by ShopSmart to be careful when giveaways will be received. Below you`ll be able to read about a few rules that need to be followed when subscribing for freebies.


  • - make an email address especially for ordering giveaways or freebies so you won`t have your personal email full of future spam.
  • – search for coupons for free items that are full-sized.
  • - try to manage your expectations carefully – a lot of the giveaways are no-shows.


  • - avoid sharing your credit card information
  • - avoid offering too much information to the brands you are using. Personal details like birth date or physical address are fine, but don`t go too far.
  • - don`t simply give up on a product you want simply because you saw it market as being expired. You might be able to find a coupon that you can use.

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